Friday, July 18, 2008

Mom's Prediction

One time in the car mom was predicting what we were going to do when we got older. I can't remember what she predicted for my brother and sisters, but I remember she said I was going to be a airplane stewardess. She said that was because she knew I wasn't going to stay in West Virginia. She was kind of close. I do get to travel a ton.

Since we've been in Alaska, we have been down to Whittier. We saw the glaciers and hiked between the lake and Prince William Sound. I took Elias to the Botanical Gardens here. I plan on dragging the boy to the zoo, Native Alaskan Cultural Center, a shop where they weave muskox hair, and maybe even Palmer.

It's been a great time. I'm excited for this weekend and next week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flight to Alaska

Getting to Alaska took a little longer than I had planned. But that is ok. I was the only person dancing around when they announced that our flight was leaving two hours later.

We got to stay the night at our friends' house in Salt Lake. I hadn't seen them in a little over a year. Elias and I ended up staying the night at Dan and Karlie's house. Elias had a little nap while Karlie and I stayed up and talked the whole night. I almost missed my flight out. Karlie looked out the window and went "Oh no! What time is it? The sun is coming up already!" Panicked, we changed the boy, threw everything in the car and high tailed it to the airport. No worries, I still had 10 minutes before they started boarding passengers.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Florist

I was loitering in the kitchen a few days ago while Heidi was getting some of her dummy cakes ready for the bridal show she's doing in a few weekends. She was making a traditional white bridal cake that she was going to decorate with fondant carnations. (Everything cake related she touches is delicious and beautiful.) Then she showed me how to make them. I was a little hesitant to learn because my talents don't lie in the arts or anything kitchen related.

My little carnations might not have been the prettiest or most lifelike, but when they're clustered together on a cake you really can't tell. I had a blast making those little things.