Saturday, November 6, 2010

On punishment...

Elias has been potty trained since September. He's good about telling us when he needs to use the restroom. He can even undress himself and take care of his business solo.

Hooray for my big boy!

Abigail was born in September. Elias has been a little jealous of her, but not in a mean way. Instead, he pinches and scratches and does naughty little things of the like for attention.

I could tell him no and redirect him all day. It didn't work.
I whooped his bottom hoping that might do the trick. Wrong.
I started putting him in time-outs. Two minutes on the second stair. Jackpot! He hates it. Even threatening him with it makes the kid cry and say he's sorry.

He's decided to punish me when I follow through. When I do anything that he doesn't like. He will just pee all over everything.

When I put him on the step for timeout, he pees all over it. When I tell him no, he pees on whatever is there. And he knows I can't stand it and that there is absolutely nothing I can do to to keep him from it.

This is a frustrating stage. I'm sure one day when he brings his sweetheart home that the angry peeing will be the source of much giggling.