Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post Thanksgiving

We spent this Thanksgiving with the Clarkes this year. The Thanksgiving spread was replete with all the holiday classics: mashed potatoes, Grandma's World Famous White Bread rolls, turkey (one baked and one fried), dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato souffle (sue-ful), and soda. I feel like I'm leaving things out, because it seems as if the list should be longer because of how much space the food took up on the table.

Jonah and Elias snarfed down their little meals first. They both enjoyed their first feast. Then, following tradition, they promptly took a nap after they were stuffed.

The rest of the Clarkes finished eating, then gathered upstairs for one of their other slightly quirkier traditions that dates back to the days of Pennsylvania. We settled down to watch Christmas Vacation.

I ate so much tasty food I felt sick afterward. But I had to make room for the pie! And it was something to write home about. Becky made a large pumpkin. I finished it off for breakfast and lunch the next day. She also made a few smaller pies. I thought they were single serving, but she says you can get at least 2-4 slices out.

The days before and after Thanksgiving have been spent painting and moving crap. For as much as we are pulling out of the Clarke house, it sure doesn't look like much in our own.

I can't wait until everything is painted and unloaded and put into place. I really want to get some before and after pictures up. I'm proud of my little castle. I think I did a good job picking it out. Bryce will do a good job of filling it up.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008


We've been to Alaska and back, dressed up for a first Halloween, moved on to eating solid foods, purchased a house, and walking since the last post. It's been a little crazy. I always tell myself that I'll do better at updating, but I know better.

The first picture is of a time when we went to the BP building to visit Bryce.

The second picture is the Anchorage to Seattle (trip home). The plane was getting ready to take off so everyone was still in a good mood.

The third picture is Elias's friend that he made in Alaska. The little girl's name is Adrianna.

The fourth picture is Elias being a stinker in the hotel room. I think he was cutting teeth, and that lid kept him from trying to eat the mess of cords under the desk.

The last two pictures are of him in his little snow suit enjoying the first snow he's been able to play in.