Friday, June 12, 2009

Brushing Teeth

So no pictures for this one. Sorry.

Today when I went to brush my teeth, I was completely grossed out to find a lump of hardened toothpaste in the tube. It was brand new and I didn't leave the cap off. The lump was coming from inside the tube. SICK! But I thought, well, I'll just squish it out and then start with toothpaste that is pasty--like toothpaste should be. What I thought was a lump turned out to be a stick! I kept pressing the tube and this hardened bit of toothpaste kept coming out. At this point I flip into outraged customer who will go tell her husband, but not call the company.

Turns out it was not lumpy toothpaste. It was my son who had gotten to it first. Elias's new love is Q-Tips. Pair his new found love of Q-Tips with his love for putting things into other things and you have the answer to the mystery.

I need to watch that kid closer and keep nothing in drawers that aren't locked.

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