Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back on the Wagon

Time to get back in the habit. Babbysnail, the girl child, is getting older, but not bigger. Her white-blond hair is growing in. The kid has an super dark tan already. The way her body is proportioned makes her look something like a very cute lollipop on a stick. Sister has been potty training herself. I'm really ok if she doesn't want to wear a diaper. Really! I'm veeeeeeery excited at the prospect of diaper duty for only one. However, she has followed in her brother's wet footsteps. Angry peeing is a part of my life again. I just hope it passes quickly. Since last post, we've had another baby. The Fat Man came to us in December. That was an adventure that deserves its own post. He and the Babbersnail are about the same size. They are only separated by a few pounds and inches. He's closing the gap quickly. The hubs is at a new job where he doesn't travel so much. (Yeah!) Elias is a helpful little guy. Polite and sweet. I think I'll go ahead and keep him. Especially for the moments where he asks me to tell him how wonderful he is. Also because he loves myths and volunteers to set the table. He's four. How excellent is that? But mostly because when we play the "I love you bigger than..." game, he wins with "I love you bigger than grapes." I am up to my eyeballs in children and half finished projects. There's some painting to be finished, a table to be sanded and restrained, and a practice chest of drawers to practice using chalk paint upon. Thanks to Pintrest I have a million more ways to make trouble just piling up in my mind. I have also discovered the sewing machine. Who knew they were so darn uh-may-zing? I LOVE sewing. Making everyone something to wear to the Ren Fair (I WILL get there in 2012!) is high on my list of tugs to do too. I have a cape for Babbysnail that looks pretty great for a first try at pattern reading and figuring out needles and thread and all those other meddlesome things. Too bad the little monkey won't wear it. She did for a few minutes after I made it, and the Imperial song from Star Wars was never more appropriately hummed. Ugh. Nothing like textual vomit. Apologies to anyone reading.

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